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Visual Additive Synthesis

The software synthesizer atmogen is a stand-alone application. It generates sounds on the base of images, which can be saved as audiofiles. atmogen is based on an additive synthesis method. Depending on the height of the project's image up to 1024 oscillators can operate simultaneously. Each oscillator of a project uses a global and adjustable waveform, which, in the simplest case, is a pure sine wave.

The overall range of functions within atmogen goes far beyond the synthesis engine itself. Actually, atmogen provides many specialized tools with which you can create and modify images. Thus, the graphical user interface extremely reminds you of an image processing software. If you have already had some experience with such image processing software you will feel comfortable with atmogen in the shortest possible time.

Synthesis method

The atmogen project image contains all oscillators, its amplitude evolvements over time and its stereo balance movements. Each image line represents one independent oscillator which can be tuned to any frequency. As a result, the synthesized sound is the sum of all operating oscillators in an atmogen project.

The images x-axis represents the chronological evolvement of the synthesized sound over time whereas pixels are evaluated from left to right by following these two simple rules:


Brightness represents volume. The brighter a pixel the louder waves will be produced by the oscillator. As a consequence, a black pixel mutes the corresponding oscillator completely.



Colour represents stereo placement. Green visualizes left, red right and yellow the stereo centre. Seamless blending from green over yellow to red results in a seamless movement from left to right.

Duration and pitch evolvement

An atmogen project can be divided into many chronological segments with the help of an unlimited number of editable markers. The duration of computation can be set individually for any single segment within the entire synthesized sound. The total duration of an atmogen project matches the sum of all segments. In addition, each oscillator can be tuned to any other frequency for each segment. Over the whole length of a segment the oscillator's frequencies seamlessly fade to a potential next segment.


Fields of application

It is your very own decision whether you use atmogen sounds for the purpose of post production, video games, web applications or anything similar or simply feed your sampler with it to use it in your music. Basically, every imaginable sound can be produced with atmogen. The concept of atmogen is versatile to the extent that really everything is possible. atmogen can proveits quality best when the user demands a fresh and innovative sound.