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If you have general questions, comments or suggestions to our products or simply want to know more about us please do not hesitate to send an email to We promise to reply every incoming email individually and as soon as possible. Basically, we are very interested in your opinion concerning our products and are looking forward to reading your emails.

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If you like to be kept informed about the progress of our products please send an email to Just type the word “Newsletter” into the subject field and add your email address. You will receive automatically email from time to time which will inform you about all news. As easy as this you can unsubscribe this service at any time: Therefore simply send an email to with the subject „StopNewsletterService“. Do not forget to add the email address which you want to exclude from the service.

Bug reports

Please keep us informed about any malfunctions in our products by sending an email describing the malfunctions and bugs as detailed as possible. Use this email address set up for this specific purpose: In order to evaluate your reports in the best possible way you should make as many declarations as you can. This relates mostly to your computer system and its installed components. Apart from the working operating system information about processor, main memory, sound card and drivers would be very helpful. We would like to thank you for your efforts in advance.


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