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I was able to install atmogen without any problems but an error dialog comes up if I try to launch it. Why does the software not run on my system?

A possible reason is that you have not installed DirectX version 8 or higher on your system. Download the current free version of DirectX directly from the official Microsoft website and install it. If DirectX was not the reason please check if your system meets the minimum system requirements.

I have already installed an earlier version of atmogen. How can I update to the current version?

You should uninstall any installed version from your system at first. Do this in the software section of the control panel and install the higher version afterwards.

My system slows extremely down and the hard disc is permanently in use. How can I unburden my system?

Close all other programs you do not really need. Avoid opening too many project documents simultaneously and try smaller image sizes or shorter calculation durations for the synthesis. Try to get along with less snapshot records and reduce the number of records within the settings dialog.

Do any plans exist for adaptations on other platforms? Which ones?

There are currently no plans. We consider adapting to Apple Mac OS X in uncertain future, though.